Note for foreigners: USING DRONE IN VIETNAM

  1. Can I bring drone to Vietnam via airway?

No, you can not. It requires a license from the Vietnamese Ministry of Defense to enter drone.

  1. If I miss carrying a drone in my luggage when enter Viet Nam via airway, what is going to be ?

Department of Vietnam Customs will confiscate, seal your drone and you will get it back when return home.

  1. If I buy a drone at a store in Viet Nam, can I bring it to use for landscape tours?

No, not enough qualified. Drone use is allowed in Vietnam but you need to get a drone flying license issued by the Defense Ministry to fly your drone in Viet Nam

  1. Do I just need a 1 single license ?

The drone license is only used once at a certain location time. You are required to obtain permission for all flights.

  1. How can foreigners travel in Vietnam can apply for a license to use drone?

Currently, our goverment does not licensing to use drone for foreigners. If your crews have Vietnamese, please ask him/her for standing out for the permission and that person have to be present when you use the drone.

  1. What procedures do I need to do to fly drone?

You need to fill out the form below:

Then send it to Address: No.1 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi city.
Tel: 069 533200 - 069 533105
Fax: ‎04 7337994

Usually the authority only allow companies who hold events to fly and it takes quite long time, it's hard for individuals who use for personal.

  1. How long does it take to get a license?

Normally, it takes 7-8 working days

  1. Does drone flying permission cost money?

Yes, depending on the circumstances, rates will vary. It also depends on time and locationof flying.

  1. In Vietnam, is there any company provide service to get the drone flying permission ?

You can contact FlycamPro via email to refer to our drone flight permit service.

  1. What if I use unlicensed drone and get discovered?

Your drone will be taken away, a fine will be given. And if your use of drone causes serious personal and material damage, you must be liable for compensation and other penalties in accordance with Vietnamese laws.

  1. If I buy drone in Vietnam, can I bring it out (back to my country) via airway ?

You can bring your drone out of Vietnam, however, you should keep the purchase receipt, incase  General Department of Vietnam Customs needs to verify the origin. And you should also carefully check your country's air navigation regulations to bring drone back to your country, you may not be allowed or may have a very high tax rate, you should check the information before deciding to buy drone in Viet Nam.

**Note : After purchasing drone at Flycampro will need at least 2 working days (except Staturday and Sunday), so to get after tax invoice (with 10 % VAT tax) please contact our staff in advance if you need after tax invoice.The 10% VAT tax will will be calculated on the total payment, The price on our web site not included any tax.

In case of purchase for personal use and does not need to get after tax invoice to reduce the costs, our shop still agree to sell product with retail bill. However, such retail bill is valid only between the customer and the store. It is not considered legal invoices to prove the source of the product when necessary or when the government authority needs to check.

  1. Will drone batteries be allowed on luggage? and how much is it offered?

- Lithium Ion batteries (rechargeable) - not more than 100Wh Requirement the battery terminals must be v.d. taping over the exposed terminals.

- Lithium Ion batteries (rechargeable) - exceeding 100Wh and up to 160Wh. This Lithium Ion batteries must be declared during check-in. Needs: no more than two spare batteries. taping over the exposed terminals. Lithium ion batteries over 160Wh are not permitted as a passenger baggage and must be sent as freight.

Note: Watt hours (Wh) are determined by multiplying the voltage (V) by the amp hours (Ah). ie. 12V x 5Ah = 60Wh. All batteries are not shipped in checked baggage, mandatory in the baggage allowance



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Nhà nhập khẩu và phân phối ủy quyền sản phẩm, dịch vụ DJI các dòng Gimbal Ronin, Osmo, Microphone, Camera 4K Pocket tại Việt Nam từ năm 2010.

1900.5555.12 ext 1 (Bộ phận bán hàng - Sale)
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0352.428.007 | 0919.345.528 (Bộ phận phát triển đại lý - B2B)

Dịch vụ quay chụp trên không (Aerial service):  0908.4444.85 - Mr Công
Dịch vụ Drone Show: 0908.4444.85 - Mr Công
Dịch vụ cấp phép bay flycam (Drone operation permit): 0908.4444.85 - Mr Công
Tư vấn drone Nông/Công nghiệp chuyên dụng (Industry drone): 0908.035.306 - Mr Long
Tư vấn kỹ thuật sửa chữa: (Technical adviser): 0901.5555.12 - Mr Đạt

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