Still undecided about getting a Mavic Air? Or you have questions about your new drone waiting to be answered? Well, we have collected some frequently asked questions about the Mavic Air and compiled them into a helpful FAQ. If you still can’t find your answer here, you can always contact, or watch tutorials on our Youtube to get all the info you need.

  • What Are The Highlights?

Ultraportable& foldable: So you want to start your aerial shooting adventure hassle-free? No problem if you own a Mavic Air On top of a myriad of powerful features, this ultraportable drone can comfortably fit in your backpack or a large pocket. If you’re that kind of person, who thinks drones are too bulky and tricky to use, it’s time to take another look.

32MP Sphere Panoramas: No more frustration with distortion and blurs in panoramas. The Mavic Air can stitch 25 photos together in just eight seconds to create crystal-clear 32 MP Sphere panoramas. Moreover, you can view them from an immersive perspective with DJI Goggles.

3-Axis Gimbal & 4K Camera: With the angular vibration range reduced to 0.005°, Mavic Air guarantees you incredibly smooth and clear images. The powerful 4K camera can record at 30 fps, capture HD video at 120fps and take 12-megapixel still images.

Vision-based protection: Can’t overcome the fear of flying because of potential obstacles and unfamiliar environments? You can leave your fear behind with Mavic Air’s advanced VIO technology. The powerful sensor system consists of a primary gimbal camera, forward, backward, and downward dual-vision sensors, downward infrared sensing system, IMU redundancies, and a group of computing cores, helping the aircraft achieving more precise hovering and better flight performance. Moreover, the Air can bypass obstacles in front of and behind it actively thanks to the Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems (APAS).  In a nutshell, the flight safety is significantly improved.


Hand gestures: Make your Jedi dreams come true with the Mavic Air! You can control the drone with different hand gestures. By selecting Smart Capture mode, you can launch and land the drone, take selfies, record videos, etc. with simple hand movements. It’s fun, intuitive and straightforward.

Mavic Air

  • Is Wi-Fi video transmission stable? How far can Mavic Air fly?

We understand how losing connection can be a nightmare for every pilot. That’s why the Mavic Air uses the new enhanced Wi-Fi video transmission to ensure you have better signal and stay connected. This new transmission system supports dual frequency bands of 2.4/5.8GHz(some countries do not support 5.8 GHz transmission) and a 720p live view from up to 4km away.

  • Is the Mavic Air waterproof?


  • As a light drone (430g), how is Mavic Air’s performance in high wind conditions?

Mavic Air is impressively stable in strong wind, withstanding wind speeds up to 10 m/s. The sensors and positioning systems ensure the aircraft goes where you tell it to go. Additionally, the application of FOC sinusoidal drive architecture ESCs(Electronic Speed Controller)provides the Mavic Air with a smoother motor commutation process and higher overall efficiency of both motors and ESCs. With thousands of hours of reliability testing, the propulsion system ensures safety and reliability, even at altitudes of 5,000 meters above sea level. Overall, the latest DJI technologies make sure your Mavic Air can hover precisely in strong winds, giving you the confidence to have a safe flight.

  • How is the video quality of Mavic Air? 

The Mavic Air shoots video at an incredible 4K 30 fps, recording at 100 Mbps to capture every second with UHD quality. Moreover, you can use Mavic Air to capture high-speed motion as it can record 1080p 120 fps slow-motion video.

  • Design details that make Mavic Air great for travelers/outdoor shooting?

Mavic Air comes with a carrying case which can perfectly hold the aircraft for safe and easy transportation. If you order the FlyMore Combo, you will get an extra travel bag which can help you carry the aircraft and its accessories. Also, there are two very striking travel-friendly designs: gimbal protector and detachable control sticks. The new gimbal protector can fully protect your gimbal and camera from being bumped and prevents the build-up of dirt. While the removable control sticks allow you to pack more comfortably on the go and you won’t need to buy control sticks protectors anymore. Overall, the Air is truly built for every adventure! 

  • Why does the Mavic Air use non-foldable propellers?

The non-foldable propellers are more streamlined, making the Mavic Air smaller and more portable when folded.

  • Can a beginner pilot operate Mavic Air?

Definitely! We have already introduced some impressive, intelligent features of Mavic Air such as the powerful sensor systems in FlightAutonomy 2.0 and Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems (APAS).

Pilots can keep flying forwards, and backward without worrying about drone crashes as APAS will plan an appropriate flight path to bypass obstacles automatically. Also, the Return to Home(RTH) is even more reliable now. Expanding on existing RTH systems, the Mavic Air will ensure the safest flight path during RTH. It does this by recording its real-time flight path, and when the control signal gets lost, the aircraft will fly towards the Home Point, bypassing any signal obstruction and reconnect to the controller. 

  • What are the main differences between Mavic Air and Mavic Pro?

Compared to Mavic Pro, Mavic Air is cheaper, lighter, more portable and faster. It has more gesture modes and Quickshot modes like Spherical Panorama, Asteroid, and Boomerang. The Air’s flight time is 6 minutes less than the Pro, but 21 minutes flight time is still impressive for a drone of its size. Additionally, Air is the first DJI drone that comes with 8GB onboard storage. So next time when you forget your SD card, there is no need to panic. 

  • Is it hard to take the cool Asteroid shot?

Not at all! It is just a tap away and will get you those epic selfie drone videos without needing to think about composing your shot. Asteroid shots make everyday scenes look amazing, and you can instantly share them on social media via DJI GO 4.

Have these answers helped you get to know the Mavic Air better? Get a Mavic Airtoday to capture all your adventures! If you have any questions about DJI products, you can always contact us on Facebook 



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