T-Motor T5143S Propeller

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T-Motor T5143S Propeller

The T5143S propellers were designed to operate perfectly with the T-Motor FPV motor. They are ultra-light, perform smoothly, and are incredibly efficient and well-balanced, ensuring a fast and high-precision flight experience. The T5143S propellers are great for freestyle FPV flying and indoor drone racing.
Lightweight, performs smoothly, well-balanced.
Designed for a 5-inch frame.
For aftersales service contact: fpvservice@rctigermotor.com
In The Box
T-Motor T5143S Propeller × 4 (2pcs cw & 2pcs ccw)
Blades: 3 
Weight: 4.1 g 
Size: 5.1 inches
Pitch: 4.3 inches 
Mounting hole: M5 
Center hub thickness: 7 mm
POPO compatible: yes
22, 23, 24 series T-Motor FPV motors