T-Motor HOM Motor - KV1750

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T-Motor HOM Motor - KV1750

The HOM Motor was designed with the world-class pilot HOM in mind and features faster response speed, smooth and precise control, and a lightweight design. HOM incorporates the PROIII design by utilizing high-temperature resistant silver wiring. The HOM Motor is also equipped with a perfect magnetic circuit design, which ensures a smooth, stable, and power flight during operation.
Lightweight design, faster response speed, and smoother and precise control. 
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In The Box
T-Motor HOM Motor - KV1750 × 1
Mounting Screw M3×7 × 4
Mounting Screw M3×8 × 4
M5 Aluminum Flange Self-Locking Nut × 1
M2.5×6 Black Sink Hexangular Screw × 1
Black Washer × 1
Round Sticker × 1
Bar Sticker × 1
T-Motor Sticker × 1
Motor Dimension: Ф27.5 × 33.5 mm
Model: 2207.5
Weight: 31.5 g (Not including cable)
KV: KV1750
Rated Voltage (LiPo): 4S-6S 
Idle Current (10 V): 1.3 A
Peak Current (60S): 41 A
Max.Power (60S): 950W
Lead: 20 AWG, 150 mm
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