Spark Accessories Combo

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Spark Accessories Combo

This accessories bundle offers everything you need to fly your Spark with peace of mind. A hand guard lets you PalmLaunch and PalmLand with extra safety, while a control stick protector and propeller holder prevents damage during storage and transport. A landing pad solves the problem of taking off from and landing on different surfaces, while four custom skins personalize your smart mini drone.
Accessories to help you fly more safely, store more securely, and give your Spark more personality
Please refer to the user manual when using this product, and make sure every component is installed correctly.
In the Box
Hand Guard for Spark × 1
Control Stick Protector for Spark × 1
Propeller Holder for Spark × 1
Skin for Spark × 4
55cm Landing Pad × 1
Hand Guard: PC and ABS
Control Stick Protector: ABS
Propeller Holder: Silica gel
Skin for SPARK: PVC
Landing Pad: Nylon and steel
Packaging Size: 245×198×69 mm
Gross weight: 527g
Net Weight:
Hand Guard: 6g;
Control Stick Protector: 17g
Propeller Holder: 12g;
Skin for Spark: 14g
Landing Pad: 204g