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PGYTECH Smartphone Screen Hood for Remote Controller

The PGYTECH Smartphone Screen Hood is a portable, easy-to-use accessory that helps reduce glare and reflection on a smartphone screen when the sun is strong. It is compatible for use with the DJI Mavic, Spark, Phantom, and Inspire series remote controllers, and can even be used with a full-screen smartphone.
Fully surrounding hood, effectively reducing glare and reflection on the smartphone screen.
Adapts to smartphones 6-inches and smaller, also compatible with full-screen smartphones.
Compatible with the DJI Mavic, Spark, Phantom, and Inspire series remote controllers (without built-in monitor).
Built-in phone suction cup for quick installation and use.
Foldable design, easy to carry.
DO NOT use the original remote controller cable when using this hood. Instead, insert a smartphone to Micro USB cable into the remote controller USB port.
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In the Box
Smartphone Screen Hood × 1
Product Material: PU, ABS
Package Size: 19.7 × 8.8 × 2.2 cm
Weight (with packaging): 197 g
Net weight: 173 g
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