PGYTECH Smart Controller Carrying Case

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PGYTECH Smart Controller Carrying Case


The PGYTECH Smart Controller Carrying Case is equipped with enough space for users to store the DJI Smart Controller and its accessories, including the charger, USB cable, and SD card. Its hard shell helps protect the smart controller from water damage as well as wear and tear. Two, soft internal thumb holes eliminate the inconvenience of having to screw in and unscrew the control sticks repeatedly. Overall, this carrying case is a reliable option for transporting the DJI Smart Controller.


Hardshell design and ample storage space.
Waterproof and wear-resistant.
Two internal thumb holes for control sticks.


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In the Box

PGYTECH Smart Controller Carrying Case × 1


Material: PU, EVA, Polyester
Packing Size: 25.5 × 17.7 × 8.6 cm
Weight (with package): 540 g
Net Weight: 400 g


DJI Smart Controller