Osmo - X5 Adapter

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Osmo - X5 Adapter

The Osmo X5 Adapter allows the Zenmuse X5 Series gimbal and camera to be used with the Osmo handle.
Connect the communication ports on the Focus Remote Controller and the Osmo - X5 Adapter using the DJI Focus - Osmo Pro/RAW Adaptor Cable. Then, you can use the DJI Focus to control the aperture and focus of Zenmuse X5 series camera.

Osmo X5 Adapter Quick Start Guide
The Osmo - X5 Adapter is NOT compatible with the Osmo Bike Mount, Extension Rod and Tripod.
Osmo Pro/RAW - DJI Focus Handwheel
DJI Focus - Remote Controller
DJI Focus - Osmo Pro/RAW Adaptor Cable (2m)
DJI Focus - Osmo Pro/RAW Adaptor Cable (0.2m)