Inspire 2 Handle Grips

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Unleash your creativity from above or on the ground. These handle grips help turn your Inspire 2 into a handheld camera, so you can easily capture ground shots.

Please make sure to remove the propellers prior to handheld shooting to ensure safety.
For special usage with propellers attached (e.g. catching the landing aircraft via the handle grips), a comprehensive set of protective gear is required (including but not limited to full face helmets, protective clothing and gloves, etc.), to avoid being injured by the propellers. Users should take any and all necessary precautions. DJI accepts no liability for damage or injuries and accepts no legal responsibility incurred directly or indirectly from the use of this product.

In the Box
Lock × 2
Handle × 2
Screw × 4

Weight (Lock): 42 g
Weight (Handle): 33 g

Inspire 2