PGYTECH Osmo Action Filter

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PGYTECH Osmo Action Filter

Coating Tech

Multilayer Hardened Super Waterproof Coating


Aviation Aluminum Alloy; SCHOTT optical glass

ND Filter Weight: 5 g

PL Filter Weight: 7 g

The OSMO Action Filters(Professional) allow you to control every single lightning situation you could experiment. To meet the needs of the most demanding creators, we utilize German SCHOTT optical glass.

OSMO ACTION UV Filter (Professional)

OSMO ACTION CPL Filter (Professional)

OSMO ACTION Filter ND-PL Set (NDPL 8 16 32 64) (Professional)

OSMO ACTION Filter ND Set (ND 8 16 32 64) (Professional)

OSMO ACTION Filter Gradient Set (ND8-GR ND16-4 ND32-8) (Professional)