Gamevice Controller for iPad Mini

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Gamevice Controller for iPad Mini

The Gamevice is a Lightning-connected, form-fitting game controller for the iPad/ iPhone, compatible with over 1000 app-based games. You can also use the Gamevice to fly DJI drone, giving you enhanced control whenever you use your tablet as the drone remote controller.
Compatible with Spark and Tello
Dual analog joysticks
Full gaming controller with A/B/X/Y/Menu buttons, L1/R1 bumpers, L2/R2 triggers, D-pad, and left/right thumbsticksl
Lightning connector for latency-free controll
Lightning port for phone & device charging during gameplay
In the Box
Gamevice Controller ×1
for iPhone
Package size: 280×47×110 mm
Weight: 430 g

for iPad Mini
Package size: 330×65×165 mm
Weight: 910 g


for iPad
Package size: 368×65×165 mm
Weight: 1090 g

for 12.9" iPad Pro
Package size: 434×65×165 mm
Weight: 1210 g

for 10.5" iPad Pro
Package size: 378×65×165 mm
Weight: 1110 g


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